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Prismatic Powders
The Prismatic Powders Advantage: Any color, any quantity, any time. For the first time ever, a powder coating manufacturer has implemented an online live inventory system and in-stock items will ship within 24 hours anywhere in the world. Create your account or link an existing account and save time when ordering from an array of over 6,500 powder coating colors.
Visit our website for a detailed overview of VAC-U-MAX's full range of compressed-air powered industrial vacuum cleaners for various applications, including fine powders, combustible dusts, flammable liquids, and fully automated in-plant central vacuum cleaning systems for high-volume recovery of dusts and other materials. Our experience dates back over 60 years, and today VAC-U-MAX is considered a subject expert in the safe cleaning of combustible dusts.
Pollution Control Products
Pollution Control Products Co. has unveiled a new website with expanded information on their complete line of burn-off ovens. The site also features expanded interactive access to sales and service engineers, detailed case histories, and actual customer results in the "Before & After Gallery." To find out more, visit their website.

Premier Aerosol Packaging
Premier Aerosol Packaging's website presents the company's long-standing commitment to consistent and exact color matching on every job. Highlighted are Premier's precise custom color matching and filling services. Packaging options include aerosol cans, brush-in bottles, cans in a variety of sizes, and paint pens. Visitors can download a PDF version of Premier's brochure.
Fischer Technology
To save money in today's competitive climate, it is extremely important for anyone applying a powder coating today to adhere to required thickness specifications. Monitoring the thickness of the powder coating with FISCHER's nondestructive handheld coating thickness gauges and high precision probes can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in costs.
Steelman Industries
Steelman Industrial Process Ovens are designed to produce quality finishes while incorporating the latest safety features. Steelman ovens are manufactured to comply with NFPA 86, FM, and OSHA standards and include a UL listed control panel. Every Steelman oven is completely assembled and tested before shipment. Visit our website or call 800/337-5827 for more information.

Paul N. Gardner
The Paul N. Gardner Co. is a distributor, producer, and designer of physical testing and inspection instruments for the paint, coatings, and related industries. For further information, please visit our website.
Mighty Lube
Mighty Lube Systematic Lubrication Systems Inc., a global leader in conveyor chain maintenance, manufactures conveyor systems, lubricators, brush cleaners, and conveyor lubricants and greases.
Powder Coating Magazine
Visit us online to find everything you want to know about powder coating. You'll find access to articles, supplier links, current news, problem solving, and much more.

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